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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Baker Brigade - Priya NM

After an interesting interlude with a male entrepreneur and restauranteur, the baker brigade series continues with home-maker and home-baker M. Priyadharshini or Priya NM, as per her FB identity. According to Priya, her life revolves around her family and food, leaving her no time for any other hobbies or interests. She has a 5 year old daughter who is probably more visible on FB than her mom, given all the photos she gets clicked in at foodie events!

I have briefly met Priya at food workshops and group dinners around the city. She comes across as a quiet person and a silent observer. Or maybe she doesn’t get a chance to say much when the usual suspects of boisterous and chatty foodies are around!

Priya maintains a food blog and immerses herself in trying out recipes and feeding her family and friends. With her baking experiments increasing in the recent past, she pretty much spends all her time in the kitchen. After the trials, she photographs them, and shares pictures and recipes of her favourites on her blog and FB food page.

Fun Facts

Easiest dessert to make – Puddings

Most challenging dessert to make – White Chocolate Cake, since it is very delicate and requires her to keep a constant eye on it during preparation

Fave dessert – Brownies and Lychee Caramel Cake

Fave dish – Anything from South Indian and Italian food

Family’s fave dessert made by her – Brownies and Apple Walnut Cake

Fave kitchen gadget – She couldn’t think of anything. Coming from a passionate cook and baker, this was a surprise!

Fave ingredient – Bars of chocolate

Fitness Mantra - Joined a gym and started a diet just a week ago

Fellow Showcase participant's goodies she would most like to try - Ayeesha Riaz's Baklava and Tasneem Ayub's Fish Pickle. Priya has sampled these before and says both the ladies are fabulous bakers/chefs.

Showcase Specials

White Chocolate Cake
Tres Leches Cake
Chocolate Cake
Rose and Pista Pannacotta
Dulce Caramel Pudding
Walnut and Cheesecake Brownies
Vanilla/Chocolate Cupcakes

Priya had participated in the 2nd Baker Showcase in October 2012. This will be her second appearance at Edition 3 this Saturday, the 2nd of February.

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