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Friday, 8 March 2013

Thirsty Thursdays - Tender Coconut Float

Thirst Quenching Thursdays! This post is part of The Chennai Bloggers Club's Thirsty Thursday series initiated to keep the spirit of blogging alive and challenging.

Discovered this new luscious liquid today - how apt and perfect for the theme of the day! Attended a baking class where this dish, called the Tender Coconut Float was made, and later downed with great gusto. Ideal for a warm summer afternoon; this is not just a refreshing thirst quencher, but also a satisfying tummy filler, thanks to the perfectly sliced silver and golden coloured tender coconut pieces it contains.

You can see the pieces of tender coconut floating in this heavenly drink, in the following pic. I seem to have taken a liking for many things coconut in the past one year - and all of these varieties were of the baked variety! :P Is it the sugar? Is it the fruit? Is it age? :P Either way, less analysis and more enjoyment (another attribute of 'maturity', shall we say? :)) is the best way to go, particularly when sipping/digging into anything superduperdeliciouslyyummy!! Yep, that's my newly coined word a la Calvin!

This dessert was made by Gazeenasulu (a fabulous cook/homebaker who conducted her first baking class today). 

Still scratching my head as to what took her so long to conduct one. Der aaye, durust aaye, as they say. 

Raising my glass of this fabulous dessert to you, dear Sulu, as a toast to new beginnings! Congratulations, and may you enjoy all your future classes the same enthusiastic way you narrate your cute son's even cuter one-liners!



  1. Tender coconut float..wow...even the name sounds lip smacking :-) now you have made me crave for it

  2. Looks and sounds delicious. I wonder how it would have tasted. Drinks like this one never satiate me if I drink only one cup. i keep yearning for more.

    On a Friday, thanks for the Thursday post :O

    Joy always,

  3. Tender Coconut - the second best drink, only after water, offered by nature :)

  4. Deepz...Hi! Thanks for coming by :) And you could order the dessert/drink from Sulu anytime :D

    Susan, next time you are in town, we shall have some...and then some more...of this awesome stuff!

    Kaushik, agreed! :)