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Friday, 13 February 2015

Roy? Boy, oh boy!

'Roy' is a bit pretentious, disappointing really. Went to check out the casting and did not read up on the movie at all as it is supposed to be a thriller and all. Pfffttt, only.

Also, my annoyance was compounded by this couple next to me in the corner seat. I never pick these seats but those were the only ones available. Big mistake. The girl didn't stop talking to the guy and was also yakking on her phone. Why do people bother coming to a movie if they do everything else but watch it??? Seriously irritated! 

Also, theatre was ridiculously crowded. How come so many people are not at college/work???? Two idiots got into a fight and started yelling at the top of their voices. 

Surprised (pleasantly) to see all the whistling for Ranbir. Lots of whistles for Jacqueline too, which was surprising. Just for her looks, right? Although being cast with Ranbir and Rampal, she makes it straight up into the A list set of heroines. Her acting? Less said the better. Looks gorgeous, of course.

Ranbir - a two second fight scene which started and ended in the blink of an eye, had the whole hall whistling. I mean, seriously? Either they were actually enjoying it (which makes one wonder at the kind of things that seem to impress people these days) or they were clearly bored! And is Ranbir in it for just his star value? No change of expression, and no acting skills required, just stare into the distance on foreign shores and pocket the big bucks! Nice indeed. For him.

Rampal - brooding and supposed to be intense but the role really did not demand it! :)

The visual and melody of the song 'Tu Hai Ki Nahin' is pleasant, and Jacqueline is of course, very easy on the eyes (not to mention a less expensive option for T-Series as compared to Katrina Kaif).

It was nice to see Shernaz Patel after a long while, but she might as well have been playing Arjun Rampal's mother as per her role. Anupam Kher in yet another role as the supportive father; he might as well sleepwalk his way through Bollywood now.

The trailor made it look interesting, and the movie seems great for the main cast, but what's in it for the audience? Am still wondering.

Otherwise, slow movie. Confusing as well. Kept waiting for something awesome to happen. No such luck.

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