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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Chennai Food Guide's Big Bash

Its the mother of all shows this evening...much awaited and much discussed. The 8th anniversary bash of Chennai Food Guide (CFG). What started as an Orkut group with foodies from the city getting together over hot kaapi and masale vades has grown into this gigantic Facebook (FB) group of nearly 8000 members, who are now regulars at the best fine dining restaurants in the city. 

A flurry of events in the past year focussed on barbecues, biryani cookouts, baking workshops, cookery demos, blogger meetups, and exclusive fine dining tasting previews. The FB group and its members have found new careers in photography, blogging, writing and administrative management from what was essentially an idea to make new friends and bond over a bonda! 

From being a passion, food has almost become an obsession. Knowledge and interest in food grew and today many of the members can narrate their dining experiences from around the world and rattle off stats on dairy, doughnuts and dum pukht. So much so that CFGians can even advise experienced chefs on the rights and wrongs on their plates after biting into their creations!

Today's anniversary party is going to be action-packed movie style, and as per the current trend - even Gangnam Style!! A food quiz, a standup act on what else but food fervour, and of course the piece de resistance -- a sumptuous many course meal are on the evening's agenda. 

Some of the recent press coverage that CFG has recently received can be seen at this blog (Chennai Foodie), practically a food catalogue of the city's eating joints.

Rock on, CFG!! Totally looking forward to the food frenzy tonight -- laughter, games, shaking a leg, and of course the dinner :-)


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