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Friday, 28 September 2012

Chennai Ga-Ga and Blogging Sagas!

So many events in town...its hard to keep up. Music, food, talks, crafts, exhibitions, cultural exchanges - Chennai has almost never had it so good. FB and Twitter are all agog with even more things to talk about, places to visit, stuff to do, what to bake and who to date! Or not!

In the earlier days of blogging, one was hard pressed to come up with stuff to write about. Blogging was more like journaling and many ended up switching to private or invite-only blogs since nobody wanted to be caught airing their rants, grievances and dirty linen in public. Particularly when your boss is looking over your shoulder. Sometimes, literally. Those blogging under a 'pen name' abounded. Secrets were spilled and guessing games were played. It was exciting and the focus was more on the wit, writing style, and that timeless and popular aspect - photos with visual appeal. 

In current times, blogging has become the norm. Language, writing, grammar, and punctuation be damned. Spelling went out the cyber window long before, thanks to mobile phone speak.

Today, everyone has a blog or two. Or three. And then some more.
The whole world and its aunty and even the aunty's cat blogs these days.

One can either have a running theme like food, music, movies, fashion and photography - the most popular topics; or multiple blogs if you are a multi-faceted personality with many interests and passions to your credit.

Thanks to places in India and the world over becoming hipper and trendier by the minute, there's lots to say, write and do, wherever your wallet and backpack takes you. 

Singara Chennai has been popping the champagne cork in all avenues in the past few years. It has become quite the happening city to live in - was and still is "Madras, Nalla Madras!". With no dearth of events every week, tons of malls sprouting up, magazines mushrooming by the month, I see myself juggling blogposts in the air!

What finally happens, we shall wait and see, and let it be :-)


  1. You have really been tempting me to come to come down... I must say however in the past six months..I have heard so much about chennai and the stuff happening there. Really looking forward to more.

  2. You must definitely visit, Chennai is rocking!! :)

  3. One more blogging benefits..get to know and read the minds of some of the wonderful people like you!
    Lite Bite

  4. Haha! Nirwa Mehta...really good one :)

  5. So true... even the aunt'y cat blogs these days indeed! :)