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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Living, Learning and Moving On...

Surprised to see this blog still receiving page views despite being inactive for months. 

From profiling people and events that were largely FB-based; since new business startups and the spreading of awareness and/or events were raging like wild fire on the virtual medium, I have progressed in these past months to some hands-on profiling of people, places, establishments in the 'real' world. Working with an experienced journalist and providing content for a reputed local neighbourhood publishing house of 18 years standing, and still counting, has been and continues to be an interesting experience.

Each time I think of reviving the blog but have not been able to make the time, being caught up with deadlines and other matters. My personal journey in these past few months have also taken me closer to where my heart truly lies, which is social work or causes close to my heart. 

While there was and is much to say on that front, somehow putting those thoughts or experiences on paper/online seemed a daunting task. No words, however simply or magnificently written, could capture the essence of the depths of feeling involved when you do something completely selfless and from the core of your heart. 

While there are so many one meets these days, people who are enterprising, innovative with the right amount of savvy and smarts required to promote their work; it is rare to meet or know of the truly selfless ones. 

Ideally, would like to profile more of such people and/or events on this blog alongside the ones who are commercial and make no bones about it! Looking forward to writing more on what/who/places/events that keep me grounded and alive! It would be great if the few active ones checking this space join me for the ride too! :)

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  1. Selfless thought and helping others is divine. Nice blog theme. Good luck mam for writing more such useful articles...