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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mylapore Festival 2014 beckons one and all !

The grand Mylapore Festival is back with a bigger bang for its buck in January 2014. This year's fest has a beautiful idea conceptualised out of the backbone of this area and based on our national bird, the peacock, and the reason the area got its name, Mylai.  

Called the Mylapore Mosaic, it is an ode to this gorgeous creature that once ruled the roost of this vast historical area of Chennai city. The Mylapore Mosaic is a community-driven concept featuring designs on fabric representing the peacock. The cloth tiles could be handwork made out of crochet, painting, craft or any creative mode on a tile size piece of fabric. These have been stitched together to showcase the talent of  women and children interested in arts and crafts, mostly proud Mylaporeans.

Here's a short clip showcasing the early entries:

Below is a pic shared by a friend and ex-neighbour who is participating and displaying her creativity. She is an interior designer and dabbles in art and craft. Looking forward to seeing her entry added to the grand Mosaic piece. 

It will be interesting to see how the Mosaic is draped and displayed. Will it hang down from the top floor of the RASI boutique building? Be there to find out!

Music, dance, theatre, contests, games, food, shopping and so much more, it's got something for everyone. There's so much to see and do, one is hard pressed to decide where to go and which event to check out first! 

Ready to do the peacock dance? Don't miss this grand cultural extravaganza bursting with local fervour!

From January 9-12, on the streets around Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple.

In the heart of the city, and showcasing the city's heart!

Heritage walks and food walks are also scheduled. Details here - Heritage Walk and Food Walk.

All details of the Festival on the website, blog and FB page.

Mylapore Festival Website

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