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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Baker Brigade - Linu Paul

Linu Paul
Keeping up with current food trends as well as generations-old traditional recipes is Linu Paul’s forte. The latest addition to her menu is the Greek dish Moussaka. This goes well with the present fascination for Greek food in Chennai, made popular by restaurants such as Kryptos. She will be premiering this dish at the 3rd Baker Showcase. It will be available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options -- i.e. eggless mushroom and aubergine, and chicken and aubergine flavours. This time around, Linu plans on premiering more savouries along with her usual bakes.

Her grandmother’s rich plum cake recipe is one of Linu’s most prized heirlooms and a permanent fixture on the menu of Linu’s Kitchen -- the simple and easiest-to-remember name for a business. Her ready-to-fry cutlets, rosette-shaped icing cakes, plum cakes, Devil’s food cake, banana breads, double chocolate brownies and varieties of cookies are at the top of the popularity charts of home-baked orders in the city.
Chocolate Crinkles
In just a span of a few months and more so since her participation in the 1st Showcase, Linu now finds herself taking a Sunday off from her own super-busy home-baked business! So much so that her supportive husband who sometimes helps with delivering orders jokes that he ought to be officially employed and given a salary!

Chocolate Cupcakes

Laughing Linu is what comes to my mind when I spot her current FB profile picture. A candid shot that captures the spirit of this talented young woman, who enjoys everything she does to the hilt. Always smiling and helpful towards upcoming home-bakers and baking enthusiasts, Linu shares her tried and tested recipes on her blog. The bank of recipes available on the blog is a source of encouragement for many people new to baking and cooking. Most are simple homemade recipes that can be easily attempted by a novice.
Gingerbread Men

A computer science engineer at Cognizant, Linu grew tired of managing a stressful career while attending to the needs of her young kids. She turned to baking and writing, her stress relievers. Both avenues are now her bread and butter, figuratively and literally speaking! Linu is a freelance writer and is also in the process of compiling her favourite recipes into a cookbook. 

Snowmen Cookies

Linu’s goodies can also be savoured at Hotel Harrison’s CafĂ©. I’ve heard that her red velvet fresh cream cakes fly off the shelves as soon as they are delivered!


Linu's baking business has escalated purely via online media such as Facebook groups and referrals. She has never advertised officially so far, and those in the food and baking worlds would vouch that she does not need to! The sheer years of practice she has put into the food that she makes, speaks for itself. Linu’s Kitchen looks poised to soar to even greater heights henceforth!

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  1. My sister's favorite was the Chocolate Cupcakes that she got from one of her friends. She always talks about it whenever we meet! I’m definitely making this! thanks for sharing!