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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Baker Brigade - Sangeetha Ramamoorthy

Whoa!! :O Stats show 581 page views yesterday and this blog is less than 10 articles old!! What a fab note to start a new post on. Thank you so much, dear readers :-) Especially for all the encouragement and feedback...keep 'em coming especially if from a critical eye! ;-)

Sangeetha Ramamoorthy
I see a similarity in the blog stats shooting up and Sangeetha Ramamoorthy, the home-baker of this post. A friendly, talkative, warm and super busy woman, she has experienced almost overnight success since she announced her home-based business. Sangeetha was one of those who rode the cupcake craze when it hit Chennai, since she got into the game early on. Besides being in the right place at the right time, it is her experience and quality of goods and service that keep her dazzling in the home-baker spotlight.

An interesting phenomenon these days is the number of women taking the plunge from a software career to a home-based baking business. Sangeetha is a B-Tech degree holder in Electronics and Communications. She has worked in prestigious IT companies like HCL, Satyam, Caritor, Hexaware, and Cognizant for more than 12 years.

Oreo Devil's Food Cupcake and M&M Cupcake

From a young age, Sangeetha was interested in the arts, travelling, cooking and baking. Her experiments with baking were nurtured by her travels around the world. This spurred her to bring those awesome creations back home. She explains, “I decided to try my hand at baking for my two kids as well as for family occasions. After delivering my second child, I stopped working and began to pursue my love for baking and cake decorating.”

Frangipani Themed Wedding Cupcake Tower

These experiments evolved via a quest to create combinations from something she had seen and liked, or what her daughter or husband had liked. Many of the creations were thus perfected over multiple rounds of baking sessions -- some very successful with the family members and some not so popular in the initial stages.

Ferrero Rocher Cake

As she perfected recipes and practiced her artistic talents on cakes, friends and family suggested she take it to a professional level. Thus, her home-based baking business Li’l Delights was born. The products used in her creations from the chocolates to the colours are of the finest quality, and most of these are sourced from around the world. Lil’ Delights has been operational for about 15 months now. Its popularity has grown through its online presence, the news coverage her work has received, and was further boosted by Sangeetha’s participation in the 1st Baker Showcase.

Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Tart

Many visitors to the 1st Showcase remember Sangeetha for her super-yummy cupcakes and cheesecakes, and the fact that her table was the first one to get completely sold out! All this in less than an hour of opening the doors to the public! She was also wearing a cute little cupcake earring and many women and children liked that! :-)

Irish Cream Cheesecake

House specialties of Lil’ Delights are the anytime, everyone’s fave Ferrero Rocher cakes, frosted signature cupcakes, lychee yoghurt tarts (one of the winners in the Bake for Sandy’s competition for home-bakers), Irish cream cheesecakes and many more. My personal faves are Sangeetha’s lychee yoghurt tarts and raspberry chocolate tarts – mouthwateringly yummy, before and after the bite!


  1. Love the look of Sangeetha's Irish Cream Cheesecake.....looks yum !

  2. It doesn't just look yum, tastes even yummier! :)