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Friday, 12 October 2012

Baker Brigade - Usha Seetharam

Usha Seetharam

Usha Seetharam is originally from Bangalore and came to Chennai to gain work experience. Interesting twist, as it’s usually the other way around – Chennaiites end up in B’lore to further their careers. Then again, Usha is an individualistic and interesting young woman who wanted to step out into the world on her own terms. She came here seeking independence and the freedom to do her own thing.

It’s been 8 years since, and Usha found many work assignments in television and radio, varied projects in the media, and in the fields of marketing and communications. Her stint with radio lasted about 3 years, which included working in Delhi, and also training aspiring RJs. At present she is the Corporate Relations Manager with one of India’s leading law firms. 

Usha returned to Chennai and besides work, also found love. Usha is happily married for two years now. Her husband Shaun runs a design firm and together they pursue their common interests in cooking, eating out, and travelling. She loves the mountains while her husband is a beach-aholic, and hence they try and do both types of destinations at least once a year. Not surprisingly, Leh, Ladakh is her favorite holiday spot.

Carrot Zucchini Bundt Cake

Although she's been baking for a while, the frequency of her baking has increased in the past three years. Friends and family have been the lucky recipients of Usha’s oven experiments. Like most home-bakers, Usha enjoys the process of baking and creating something that she herself, as well as others, can enjoy. She finds it a relaxing pursuit, particularly after a long hard day at work. Baking to her is relaxation therapy. 

Chocolate Cake with Buttercream Frosting

A hot fave among friends is her all-popular chocolate cake. Breakfast at home many a time is just that one chocolate cake -- a wholesome, tasty and healthy meal as it does not contain butter and is made with wholewheat flour. She tries different variations of her signature specialty, by adding either coffee liquer or giving it a burst of orange flavour.

Chocolate Cake

Usha loves the fun part of baking that can turn into gifting. That is, when she gets invited to a get-together or if it's a celebratory occasion, it gives her an opportunity to bake and take along something creative and yummy. Needless to add, there are happy smiles all around. Usha, you’re gonna be a regular at my place now. ;)

1st Fondant Figurine

Usha’s recent passion is baking decorative cookies. She gets to play with colours, shapes, and toppings that give them an ‘arty’ look. Quite naturally, they end up eliciting a ‘wow!’ from her clients. 

Decorative Sugar Cookies

At the moment, she bakes mostly for people she knows personally or for those referred by friends and colleagues. Usha's incentive to participate in the 2nd Baker Showcase is to gauge how others would respond to her treats. It would give her a chance to validate her baking skills, and explore orders from outside her immediate circle. Her aim is to be armed with around 220 pieces of baked yummies on her table at the Showcase.

Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

From all that I’ve gathered so far, I predict Usha’s baking skills will be much talked about
in the city very soon. Get ready to join the much-in-demand baker brigade after the Showcase, Usha! All the best! And I’m dreaming about that sinful, yet guilt-free chocolate cake of yours already! :-)

Dark Chocolate Cake

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