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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Baker Showcase Event Tips for Bakers, by Bakers!

Today's the big day. Baker Showcase Edition 3 hits town yet again! Home bakers, food bloggers, friends, family and members of the Home Bakers Guild are all agog with excitement. Words of encouragement are pouring in from across the globe for the participants.

I asked some home-bakers who have participated in the earlier Baker Showcase events if they had any specific comments, tips or advice to offer. There are many first time and new bakers this time after all.

A few quotes below...

Hamsini Appadurai (Co-organised and participated in the Bangalore Showcase)
- Bake with a smile, the result is inevitably yummy. Wish i could be a part of it! 

Maaria Kulsum Tanveer (Yet to participate in the Showcase, but needs no introduction - one of the most successful bakers in Chennai!)
First greetings to the bakers! :-)
- Invest in gadgets they really make a difference
- Follow the measurements in the recipes to the  T. 
- Never follow oven temperature and timing given in the recipes blindly. They are just a guideline but each oven is different. Sometimes the same brands & same models can behave differently due to things like voltage etc. The oven itself can behave differently at different times. So check for doneness 5 mins before the said time.

Linu Paul (Two-time participant)
- Plan well. Just stay focused and maintain a clean table and have loads of change.

Aysha Shanaz Abdulla (Two-time participant)
- Pay attention to detail - not just with the food but also with the packaging and display. 
- Play to your strengths, don't hesitate to ask for help (and you will need it) and try not to overdo it and end up with a body and mind that feel numb.

Rashmee Gopalan (Two-time participant and almost the first one to sell out completely each time!)
- Display stock on table so as to avoid missing out on boxes behind/under the stall table.
- Engage and interact with the customer who comes to your table. Customers appreciate it when bakers talk to them and explain what they have on offer.
- Neat packaging
- Pre-packaged goodies save time and trigger quicker sales
- Sensible pricing!

So there you have it! Thoroughly enjoyed the whole buildup to the event and writing these articles. 

Truly amazed at this FB phenomenon. What more can a home-baker ask for from such a supportive forum like the Home Bakers Guild, where business strategies are shared as warmly as apple pie! 

Good luck, everyone! :-)

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