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Friday, 1 February 2013

Sizzling Superstore - Gormei Market @ Baker Showcase

Gormei Market, a speciality superstore in Chennai, is another co-sponsor at the Baker Showcase organised by HBG. They stock a wide range of organic foods, branded products from around the world, exotic goodies, fresh farm produce, ready to eat mixes and beverages and much more. This superstore has caught the fancy of health food addicts and the gourmet foodies of the city. It is difficult to walk in there and not pick up at least one bagful of goodies from the varied range.

They have two outlets in the city, one in Alwarpet and the other in Adyar. The flagship store has an open kitchen where regular cookery classes and demos have been held. Sara Koshy, one of the bakers & cooking experts who is participating in the Baker Showcase tomorrow, has displayed her skills in Desserts and Italian cookery sessions. Both sessions were organised by the FB group Chennai Food Guide.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Italian cooking session by Sara. The owners of the store graciously looked after all of us attendees and took care of the minute details. Everyone left not just with a full tummy, but also with a Tshirt and a goodie bag from the store! :-)

Here's a quick chat with the two owners of Gormei Market - Sriram  Sridharan and Anand Chandrashekaran. This will be their 1st time at the Baker Showcase in an official capacity.

Me: What was the deciding factor for Gormei Market  to co-sponsor the Baker Showcase - Edition 3?

Sriram & Anand: The Baker Showcase is a unique event in Chennai. Never before have we seen an eclectic group of artisans come together to display their wonderful range, and to portray their strong passion for food. Gormei Market is proud to be associated with such a group.

Me: What are your expectations from being part of the event?

Sriram & AnandA lot of our potential customers will attend this Showcase. We are looking to make our brand more visible to them, and establish Gormei Market as the go-to store for all specialty food products.

Me: Would Gormei Market be open to working with home bakers in the future? If yes, in what capacity?

Sriram & Anand: Absolutely, Gormei Market is open to working with local and home-based entrepreneurs. It will be possible to retail their wares in our stores; logistics, regular supply and packaging are some of the parameters that need to be considered.

Me: What kind of goodies are the two of you likely to pick up at the showcase?

Sriram & Anand: We are keeping an open mind. When at a food event, all bets are off 
! ;-)

And there you have it -- customers, sponsors, FB'ers, a whole lot of school kids, and even participating bakers are gearing up for a bout of frenzied dessert shopping! 

Will the Chennai-ite's sweet tooth be satiated at the Baker Showcase? Be there to see for yourself! (2nd February, Asan Memorial, Egmore at 2pm.)

Gormei Market's Website

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