Ode To Abu

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Skywatch Friday - Jharkhand, India

This beautiful sunrise was just around 6 am. Walking through a little town close to Deoghar (10 kms away), this was the first soothing sight for my eyes. And obviously for the camera as well. 

A great ball of fire! Red hot, yet warm and cool. Can anyone ever capture Nature's Bounty in words or images, however poetic or breathtaking? Me thinks...Nevah!

As light filled the area around us, we had to walk away, albeit grudgingly. To work, to eat, to carry on with life. If only we could indulge our senses. But even time doesn't stand still or wait for anyone. This divine sight changed by the minute. Life keeps evolving and moving ahead and so must we, like it or not!

Love this concept of Skywatch Friday. It feels like one can be a part of any place in the world and simply admire the pristine and the pure; something no artist can ever replicate.


  1. It's that moment when one is enjoying the sunrise and capture the same and bang when the picture is taken and wonders expressed,we start walking and suddenly feel the same sun's heat on us - and we blame people for always changing!

    Sorry Sumita, your sunrise picture took me to a different thought process.


    Joy always,

  2. Thank you, Steffi!

    Nature always has an effect on us, Susan :-)