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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Reality Check!

So after all the supremely sinful indulgences (food, guys, no need to be scandalized :D), I had to spot something on Shiny's FB wall today. Why, I ask? :/

Shiny Surendran is a Sports Nutritionist and a Dietitian who works with professional athletes, cricketers and the like. 

Funnily enough, I bumped into her at Cafe Homemade's stall at the BHFTH show! She was staring at the table that was already groaning under the weight of all those yummy goodies. Wait, was she staring at me I wonder...the table and me had a lot in common at that moment! :D

She was so friendly and we got yakking although we were meeting for the very first time. I immediately suggested she buy this and that! She joked that she would put on weight and that her career would go down the drain! Eventually, she relented and said she would pick up something for her nieces.

What struck me besides her instantly likeable personality was her business card. It had apples on it...yes, to drive home the point! :) Plus, it was SLIM! Nice touch by the designer (her friend’s suggestion) to project and convey her profession. There are so many creative and innovative people out there. This reminds me of a couple of other unique business cards I’ve seen…shall blog about that another time. As is evident, I tend to digress and get sidetracked all too easily!

This post was to be about coming to terms with reality…with a THUD! It was right after indulging in a slice of Delicioso’s chocochip cake that Shiny’s status message popped up:

“Retweeted PersonalTrainerFood (@TrainerFood): Eat your vegetables now so you won't become one later!”

Sheesh! :/ Then again, rather timely considering I will soon be on a mission to chop, peel, blanch, cut, slice and serve a TON of vegetables every single day for the next few weeks. Its gonna be marathon kitchen ‘seva’ and a group of us will be feeding 1000s of kids.

Will also be huffing and puffing up slopes and hilly terrain, so fingers crossed I get to lose some flab after all the cake mania! A bit apprehensive of my (lack of) fitness levels, but I shall be in good hands. Hope all goes well.

This morning I found this in the kitchen. My innovative mother had used a cake box to store the vegetables! Hahaha! My mom is a genius :D Guess this comes from having wayy too many baked goodies and boxes around the house ;)

Before I finished laughing, I turned around to find this one! She had covered a tub of yoghurt with a cupcake wrapper! Yes, she had washed it and retained it coz it was pretty! :D

Now that I shall soon be away, the verbal diarrhea on this blog will be at rest for a while. Off to heave and ho!

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  1. True. I have a sweet tooth too but somehow i look out for what I'm eating, just so I won't have to repent later.